ARteaST Of The Season

Milk-n-Honey Tea Company believes in supporting artists and showcasing their incredible talents!

This is why we created ARteaST of the Season: to highlight artists while also providing a gorgeous

piece of art for you to admire over a delicious cup of tea.

ARteaST Blackwell Art

Corwin and Anna Blackwell began their artistic journey after graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design. Anna graduated in March 2019 with a B.F.A in Production and Costume Design and Corwin graduated in November 2020 with a B.F.A in Illustration. Afterwards, Corwin successfully became a professional illustrator and muralist. His current murals can be seen throughout Orlando and West Palm Beach. Anna also started working in her profession, operating as a costumer and seamstress for numerous businesses.

The married couple then set their sights on forming their own business, creating Blackwell Art on July 1, 2022 in Orlando, FL. With a passion for creativity, the company mainly focuses on developing original, imaginative artwork and merchandise. This element is captured by their unique designs, hand or digitally painted, and handmade pieces.

Additionally, Blackwell Art incorporates sustainability whenever possible into their designs. This is achieved by the making of up-cycled creations to cut down on harmful environmental waste. Corwin and Anna strive to include different artistic styles within their portfolios. Both wish to have Blackwell Art showcase their appreciation for creative variation without being categorized into one artistic methodology/style.

Lastly, Blackwell Art advocates for creating custom pieces. If you are looking for custom art or murals, please reach out to Blackwell Art on Instagram.

ARteaST Lori Minor

Lori is the owner and artist behind Hey Lori! Cards. She is a native Floridian and is originally from Clermont. She is self-taught in watercolor, acrylic, and calligraphy. Her beloved grandmother “Lanny”, a local artist who designed greeting cards for friends and neighbors, is one of Lori’s creative influences. In 2018, after raising six children, Lori and her husband Tom moved to Orlando where they now call this city “home”. It was here where she picked up a paintbrush again and began her watercolor journey. She finds inspiration in nature, and specifically in her backyard garden. Her style is loose, fun, and whimsical. During the Covid pandemic, what started as a hobby, became a much-needed outlet and a business. Others connected to her vivid paintings and her cards were displayed at several locations in Orlando. Her work has now expanded to original framed watercolor pieces, bookmarks, and stickers. She enjoys attending local markets where her hobby has become a shared passion. One of her most cherished parts of her business is the friends she has made along the way and the genuine support of strangers for her art.

ARteaST Emily Santiago

Emily is a graphic designer by day and an illustrator by night. Ever since she was a child who watched her grandfather paint, Emily had loved creating art. After moving around, she settled in Orlando, Florida, where she attended Valencia College for graphic design. Outside of her coursework, Emily continued to pursue and develop her unique artistic style. Although she enjoys experimenting with various materials, her primary focus is digital art, which is created using the Procreate app on the iPad.

Emily’s style of art is bright, whimsical, and full of colorful characters. Her goal is to convey character-driven stories with her art. She is a published children's books illustrator and dabbles in personalized commissions for clients. She often finds inspiration in pop culture, anime, and video games.

ARteaST Justine Krohn

Justine is the face behind The Loveliest Designs! She was born and raised in France and is a self-taught artist living in South Florida. Painting has been one of her passions since before she can remember. Shortly after becoming a mom and during the pandemic, Justine felt inspired to actively engage with her artistic talents, so she started The Loveliest Designs.

Justine creates custom hand painted items with acrylic paint. Her commissions have included painted wedding signs, wedding bouquets, family and baby name signs, hats, charcuterie boards, and more. She loves bringing her customer’s vision to life. Witnessing their reaction when they see their piece finished will always be her favorite part of The Loveliest Designs.

When you are ready to place an order, message Justine over Instagram and mention Milk-n-Honey Tea Company for 10% off. About the ARteaST.

ARteaST Lauren Heyen

Lauren Heyen is a concept developer for Universal Orlando Creative. Since she enjoys experimenting with traditional and digital mediums of fine arts, she is also a designer and illustrator for private clients in her hometown of Orlando, Florida.

The better part of Lauren’s childhood was spent growing up in England until her family made the ambitious move to Florida. Her exposure to different cultures helped shape and develop her passion for the arts.
Lauren graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration, where she developed versatile skills such as printmaking, bookbinding, and other artistic mediums. She is highly motivated by collaboration and problem solving. Her personal art style is inspired by pop culture, cult classic films, videogames,
and comics. About the ARteaST.

ARteaST Diana Castillo

Diana Castillo, a graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design, is a Cuban born artist who specializes in fun, vivid colors. The concepts for her distinctive artistic creations are inspired by the same vibrance of her colorful birth city of Havana. She has created a variety of art and illustrations for clients that include Disney, Airbnb, Ravensburger, and Universal Parks and Resorts. More specifically, Diana worked as an illustrator on Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Park (2017) and Universal’s Super Nintendo World (2021).

Diana’s work spans across a variety of industries, but she is particularly interested in creating illustrations and concept art projects that are focused on tourism, travel, and game art. In her free time, Diana enjoys traveling and exploring new cities and cultures. She is always on the lookout for new inspiration from the world around her, whether it be interesting colors, beautiful patterns, or wonderful scenery. About the ARteaST.

ARteaST Taylor Shimkus

My name is Taylor Shimkus and I am an artist and small business owner. Growing up and living right outside of Chicago, I had the privilege of being a short train ride away from a city full of beautiful architecture,endless museums, lakefront views and culture. The creative in me took every chance I could get to take my DSLR and sketchbook into the city to capture and create.

When people would ask me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”I’d always respond, “I want to be an artist.” I took that one step further by moving down to Savannah, Georgia to pursue my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television and minor in Motion Media Design. It was during my time at SCAD that I truly learned to enjoy the whole design process. After receiving my degree, I moved to Orlando, Florida to begin my career in the Themed Entertainment Industry.

Three years and one global pandemic later, I was left with a lot of free time. I took advantage of that time and was able to get back to my roots –creating. Like most professional artists, I had an online portfolio. However, I didn’t sell my artwork, it was just for show. I truly never thought about selling my art until one day my boyfriend simply asked me, “Why not?” Those simple two words got my gears going and, in that moment, Just Decent became a reality.

My online shop went live in October 2020 and I attended my first Farmer’s Market, in November. At and local markets you can purchase my digital prints of plants, flower bouquets, cacti and succulents along with cards and stickers. I would love for you to check it out, because I can guarantee, prints last longer than the real thing. About the ARteaST

ARteaST Pana Thitaram & Caitlin Martins

Pana Thitaram has a diverse background in media production as well as production design. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Pana started his career as a texture artist for animation, and in 2015, he transitioned to themed entertainment. Most recently, Pana worked as a scenic designer for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort. Pana is also known for his cooking and loves how food brings people of all creeds together.

Caitlin Martins’ background began in interior design and architecture. However, it is her passion for storytelling and immersive design that ultimately led her to obtain a master’s degree of Fine Arts in Themed Entertainment at Savannah College of Art and Design. There, she fell in love with production design and set decoration. After graduating, Caitlin began her themed entertainment career as a show/set designer in Burbank, California. She currently resides in Orlando, Florida, where she works as a show/set designer for Universal Creative.
About the ARteaST

ARteaST Erin McCollum

Erin McCollum is a homegrown artist and lifelong Orlando native. Currently working as a Concept Developer, she’s spent many years working in the entertainment, theme park and tourism industries, and is highly skilled in conceptual art, traditional sculpture, curatorial projects, charity work, and film. Aside from her tenacious passion for the arts in all forms, she also loves leading project development and managing teams of creatives. Most recently she’s worked as a Designer and Concept-Illustrator for Universal Creative, producing concept art and pre-visualization content for attractions and media at Universal Studios theme parks globally. About the ARteaST