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Corwin and Anna Blackwell began their artistic journey after graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design. Anna graduated in March 2019 with a B.F.A in Production and Costume Design and Corwin graduated in November 2020 with a B.F.A in Illustration. Afterwards, Corwin successfully became a professional illustrator and muralist. His current murals can be seen throughout Orlando and West Palm Beach. Anna also started working in her profession, operating as a costumer and seamstress for numerous businesses.

The married couple then set their sights on forming their own business, creating Blackwell Art on July 1, 2022 in Orlando, FL. With a passion for creativity, the company mainly focuses on developing original, imaginative artwork and merchandise. This element is captured by their unique designs, hand or digitally painted, and handmade pieces.

Additionally, Blackwell Art incorporates sustainability whenever possible into their designs. This is achieved by the making of up-cycled creations to cut down on harmful environmental waste. Corwin and Anna strive to include different artistic styles within their portfolios. Both wish to have Blackwell Art showcase their appreciation for creative variation without being categorized into one artistic methodology/style.

Lastly, Blackwell Art advocates for creating custom pieces. If you are looking for custom art or murals, please reach out to Blackwell Art on Instagram.

Blackwell Art
Orlando, Florida