About Milk-n-Honey Tea Company

Florida based, Milk-n-Honey Tea Company™ hand blends and curates gourmet loose leaf teas, high quality steeping accessories, and gift sets. We have over 50 loose leaf tea blends that provide options for unique, traditional, and seasonal tea experiences

Alexis Sammons - Tea Aficionado

This business is decades in the making and I couldn’t do it alone! I am so blessed to have my supportive family and friends and an INCREDIBLE husband who has become an amazing partner in this crazy adventure. (He’s going to introduce himself soon. ) Together, we started Milk n Honey Tea Company in October 2019 and were excited to see it grow. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, our plans were put on a temporary pause. But, now we are stronger than ever and so proud to serve you quality loose leaf teas and accessories.

Tea is my passion. Not just because it is a delicious beverage with so many flavor variants, but because it is an experience. Something that can be shared with others. My mom started having tea time with me when I started school. Every day after school we would sit down over a cup of tea and talk about our day. Communication was ALWAYS open between us. We laughed, cried, sang, argued, encouraged... all over a cup of tea. The relationship made this beverage even sweeter. As I grew, tea time remained sacred for us and helped form me into the person I am today. Little did I know that my mom expanded upon this tradition from when she was a child. On those rare quiet mornings, before the rest of the house would wake up, my mom and grandma would sit together with a cup of tea and peanut butter toast to talk. My mom learned early that tea was a vehicle for building deep relationships. Now, I want to share this experience with everyone else. At Milk n Honey Tea Company we serve high quality and delicious teas that you will enjoy sharing with your loved one.

"Indy" Indiana Bones Sammons - (adorable and goofy dog in photo)

Colt Sammons - Business Manager

While my wife is the creator, master blender, flavor extraordinaire... I’m the guy who works on the website, orders, finances, and overall logistics. Basically, my wife thinks I’m the behind the scenes rockstar.

I don’t have a history of tea knowledge (and really didn’t grow up drinking tea) but have become a tea enthusiast since meeting my wife. My early thoughts of tea were crocheted doilies, roses, and southern sweet tea... but that isn’t how tea is perceived around the rest of the world. When Alexis wanted to start this business, I honestly felt like this was such a natural direction for us. We really wanted to make tea a positive experience for everyone and designed our product to be neutral and eye-catching. Really... we want two things: to make delicious tea blends that people will want to share with family and friends and to bring tea consumption into the 21st century.