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Lori is the owner and artist behind Hey Lori! Cards. She is a native Floridian and is originally from Clermont. She is self-taught in watercolor, acrylic, and calligraphy. Her beloved grandmother “Lanny”, a local artist who designed greeting cards for friends and neighbors, is one of Lori’s creative influences. In 2018, after raising six children, Lori and her husband Tom moved to Orlando where they now call this city “home”. It was here where she picked up a paintbrush again and began her watercolor journey. She finds inspiration in nature, and specifically in her backyard garden. Her style is loose, fun, and whimsical. During the Covid pandemic, what started as a hobby, became a much-needed outlet and a business. Others connected to her vivid paintings and her cards were displayed at several locations in Orlando. Her work has now expanded to original framed watercolor pieces, bookmarks, and stickers. She enjoys attending local markets where her hobby has become a shared passion. One of her most cherished parts of her business is the friends she has made along the way and the genuine support of strangers for her art.

Lori Minor
Orlando, Florida
IG: @HeyLoriCards