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LIMITED Fall Tea-ser ™

Fall Tea-ser includes multiple variant options

Fall Tea-ser
Set Includes: 6 sample bags of our special fall teas,, each providing enough tea to make 5 cups of tea. See tea descriptions and ingredients below. (each sample bag weight will vary in order to provide you with enough tea to make 5+ cups of each tea flavor.

Fall Tea-ser + Spoon + Tea Ball
Set Includes: (Fall Tea-ser), 1 The Perfect Tea Spoon, 1 Tea Ball Infuser

Fall Tea-ser+ Spoon + Mug
Set Includes: (Fall Tea-ser), 1 The Perfect Tea Spoon, 1 Black Round Steeping Mug

Fall Tea-ser + Spoon+ Gravity Steeper
Set Includes: (Fall Tea-ser), 1 The Perfect Tea Spoon, 1 Gravity Tea Maker

NEW 🍺 ButterBrew Tea

This magical brew provides a delicious break from wizarding studies and hard work! A creamy concoction of butterscotch and vanilla enchants the tongue and delights the senses. You are never too far from your favorite wizarding pub with a cup of our ButterBrew Tea in hand!

ARteaST of the Season

Milk-n-Honey Tea Company believes in supporting artists and showcasing their incredible talents! This is why we created ARteaST of the Season: to highlight artists while also providing a gorgeous piece of art for you to admire over a delicious cup of tea. We included a free ARteaST print in each order and each Tea-ser.

NEW Mennä Traveler

This on-the-go steeper is a lifesaver for the modern-day individual that is always running to their next business meeting, yoga class, meeting with friends, etc. Just place your favorite Milk-n-Honey loose leaf tea into the special basket, pour hot water, and go. No more waiting for your tea to steep, no more dealing with filters from other tea thermoses, no more worrying about where to put your tea bags when driving! This steeper ensures that your tea strength preference is at your fingertips.