Mennä Two Traveler (16oz.)

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Color: Menna Two White (16oz)

Looking for smaller size? Mennä One Traveler (12oz)

This on-the-go steeper is a lifesaver for the modern-day individual that is always running to their next business meeting, yoga class, meeting with friends, etc. Just place your favorite Milk-n-Honey loose leaf tea into the special basket, pour hot water, and go. No more waiting for your tea to steep, no more dealing with filters from other tea thermoses, no more worrying about where to put your tea bags when driving! This steeper ensures that your tea strength preference is at your fingertips.

What is Mennä? (watch a video)


Mennä One Product Dimensions: 23.3 X 8.6 X 8.6 Cm

Mennä Two Product Dimensions: 26.3 X 8.6 X 8.6 Cm

Weight: 0.5 Kg & 0.55 Kg Respectively

Mennä One Volume: 12 Oz.

Mennä Two Volume: 16 Oz.

Wash: Dishwasher safe (top shelf)


Cap: 100% BPA Free PP, lockable lid

Bottom: 100% Silicone

Vessel: High Grade 18/8 Stainless Steel BPS Free, Double Walled For Maximum Insulation, up to 6 hours hot or cold

Using the Mennä (watch a video)

  1. Twist the Mennä ring to the open position
  2. Remove both infuser baskets (note: this will not unscrew unless the Mennä ring is in the open position)
  3. Fill the infuser with your favorite tea (loose or bagged)
  4. Screw the inner infuser to the cap (make sure the marks align)
  5. Screw the outer basket to the cap (make sure the marks align, you will feel a click)
  6. Fill the bottle to the MAX line with hot or cold water and screw on the Mennä cap
  7. Enjoy!
  8. Repeat steps 6-7 for multiple brews of your favorite tea leaves

 How to clean your Mennä (watch a video)

Regular Cleaning: For day-to-day cleaning we recommend separating the vessel, cap, outer basket & infuser and then rinsing all pieces under running water. You may hand wash the pieces or run them through your regular dishwasher cycle.


You can now Steep, Stop & Re-Steep with a turn of the Mennä ring

Note: base size may only fit larger cup holders.

WARNING: To ensure that hot water is not trapped inside the infuser it is important that the Mennä ring is in the open position when separating the cap from the vessel.