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Tea for 2 Gift Set

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Tea for 2 Gift Set
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Share the Love of tea!

The Tea for 2 Gift Set is the perfect way to show someone that they are your cup of tea.

Valentine Sampler + Spoon + Tea Balls
Set Includes: 

See tea descriptions and ingredients below

Della's Rose – black tea - (sweet, floral, bold)

Description: Walking through rose gardens in the spring is a Florida tradition! Let this rose scented black tea transport you to your favorite gardens as you reminisce on the smell of sweet roses wafting in the spring breeze.

Steeping Instructions: 1 teaspoons per 8 oz serving. Steep for 4-5 minutes in 203-212 F water.

Ingredients: black tea, rose petals, flavoring


Soulmatè™- matè tea - (fruity, energizing, tart)

Description: Finding a soulmate is like finding a treasure. Once you find them, you want to share everything with them! This tea will be just one of the things you will want to share with your loved ones. Its ruby red color and fruity yet 
grounding flavor is swoon-worthy.

Steeping Instructions: 1 heaping teaspoon per 8oz serving. Steep for 5-10 minutes in 203-212 F water.

Ingredientsorganic hibiscus, organic lemongrass, matè


Our teas are hand packed in environments that handle many different blending ingredients and we cannot 100% guarantee no cross-contamination. Therefore, all blends may contain traces of: wheat, nuts, peanuts, milk.

If you have any questions about this product, or need some help placing an order, feel free to give us a call  at (407) 205-2565 or

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