Today, while sipping on my deliciously malty cup of Top o' tha Mornin', I couldn't help but think about how lucky I was. While this time last year was filled with dread and fear, this St. Patrick's Day I am focusing on the good that is growing from what I originally saw as an unlucky year. 

My family continues to be healthy, I have a new adorable pup named Indy, there is hope in the vaccine, and our small business continues to grow. This business which was just a dream a year and a half ago is now unfurling into something more valuable than I could have dreamed.

Each tea leaf, in all its complexity is allowing me to meet amazing people, grow as a person, and provide a deeper purpose.

I am beyond lucky, I am blessed.

My Irish Tea Blessing to you is:

May the leaves dance in your cup

May your stash never dwindle

May each brew be perfect 

And may each cuppa be shared among loved ones.

Happy St. Patrick's Day



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